July 24, 2016

One Year Warranty Reports


Cut Truss Assembly in New Home

Cut Truss Assembly in New Home

Help protect your investment by calling us prior to the expiration of your New Home’s 12 month warranty. Newly constructed homes generally come with a “One Year Limited Warranty”. Items covered under this warranty may or may not be visible to the untrained eye. Some of the most common items generally revealed during this type of inspection may include:

  • Damaged or improper attic framing and / or missing insulation
  • Poorly installed or problematic roof coverings and / or flashing details.
  • Hidden water intrusion problems and / or plumbing leaks.
  • Faulty or improper wiring of electrical receptacles, switches and / or fixtures.

Take a look at the photo to the right, the furnace installer cut out two of the truss supports so he could fit the attic HVAC system in place.  This has significantly weakened the attic framing.  The City Inspector and the builders inspector both missed this problem.  If this was not caught prior to the expiration of your home’s warranty you could be stuck with an expensive fix sometime in the future if or when you go to sell your New Home and the buyers inspector sees the this critical error.

Many of these issues can be resolved relatively easy if corrected in a timely manner, but if left unresolved or undetected may turn into a costly repair for you, the homeowner.  We act as your second set of eyes to notice things that you may have not noticed or have overlooked in your daily routine. We then provide you with the documentation you may need in order to process a repair request with your Home Builder.  Like we always say:  Don’t Be Surprised…..BE SMART!

Common Report Items Inspected

Structural Systems:

  • Foundation, Drainage Around Foundation
  • Roof Covering & Roof Structure
  • Interior & Exterior Surfaces (brick, wood, drywall)
  • Ceilings & Floors
  • Interior & Exterior Doors
  • Windows & screens
  • Fireplaces & Chimneys
  • Stairways
  • Porches, Balconies, Decks, & Carports

Electrical Systems:

  • Service Entrance Wires, Distribution Wires
  • Service panel Boxes, Sub-panel Boxes
  • Breakers & Fuses
  • Receptacles (outlets), Switches & Fixtures
  • Smoke & Fire Alarms

Optional Systems:

  • Sprinkler Systems & Pools 
  • Gas Supply Systems
  • Outbuildings

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning:

  • Gas or Electric Heating Equipment
  • Air Conditioning (indoor & outdoor units)
  • Duct Systems, Chases, & Vents

Plumbing System:

  • Main Water System & Shut Offs
  • Exterior Water Hose Faucets
  • Interior Faucets & Fixtures (toilets, tubs & showers)
  • Laundry Connections
  • Drains, Waste & Vents
  • Water Heaters (gas or electric)


  • Dishwashers & Garbage Disposals,
  • Range Hoods, Range, Cooktops, Ovens
  • Microwaves
  • Bathroom Exhaust Fans & Heaters
  • Garage Door Openers
  • Door Bells
  • Dryer Vents 

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