July 23, 2016

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Don’t Be Surprised…BE SMART!

Purchasing a home can be an emotionally charged event filled with anxiety, hopeful dreams and sometimes disappointments after moving in. By getting a certified home inspection, your disappointment may be avoided or minimized if you know the true condition of the home.   We also do New Home Construction Inspections!  This is especially important if you are having a new home built in or around the Austin area.  Austin is currently in a boom market, builders have sold off most inventory and are just throwing homes up as fast as they can without regard for quality.  Most sub-contractors are in high demand and they are hiring new or untrained workers in many cases to build YOUR new home.

The home you are about to buy will most likely be one of your biggest investments ever.  Before you risk years of unhappiness from undiscovered defects and possibly tens of thousands of dollars in potential repair bills, you owe it to yourself to know the facts about home inspection companies in the State of Texas!  See Facts below:


We offer value added service to our customers past a typical home inspection:

Click on any one of the links below to see the type of home inspection we perform, sample reports, and discover some of the home defects or issues we find for our buyers and sellers.

  • Home Inspections for Real Estate Transactions
  • New Home Construction Inspections (final / completed)
  • New Home Phase Inspections (Construction in Progress)
  • One-Year Warranty Inspections
  • Small Commercial Buildings Inspections
  • Pre-Listing Inspection
  • Foundation Inspections with ZIP Level
  • Swimming Pool Inspections
  • Sprinkler System Inspections
  • Short Term Rental Inspections (STR for City of Austin)*
    (* We do not do Sprinkler or Zip Level checks on STR inspections)


  • FREE:  Zip Level foundation check with every complete home inspection
  • FREE:  Sprinkler inspections with every complete home Inspection
  • FREE:  Texas Area Specific Home Maintenance Manual (digital copy)

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Check out our quick Video on the Home Inspection Process.

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We Are InterNACHI Certified. So, Don’t Be Surprised…BE SMART!

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